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3 beds 2 baths, seller paid $2,043.00 closing costs, and payments ONLY $546.54 a month. WONDERFUL!

Posted by Craig Summers on May 4, 2013
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We truly wanted to buy a home. We even talked to a lender about buying and were told her to re-estabilish our credit. So we began address issues on our credit to take care of these things. After a few months of doing this, we were looking for homes on the internet and found an offer for a FREE list of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with PRICES, ADDRESSES, & DESCRIPTIONS. We filled out the form and received a call from Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team. We told Craig where we were in the process of improving our credit and he said he thought we should talk with his lender to see if we would be able to get a pre-approval letter. He told us if we could not, his lender would lay out a plan for us to follow and even give us a timeline as to how long it should take. We spoke with the lender, we weren’t quite ready, but she did lay out a plan for us to follow.Craig was great, he followed up with us regularly making sure we were not having any issues addressing the items we needed to address. Each time he called he also checked to see if we had any questions and gave us guidance to help us as we addressed the issues. Once we got our preapproval letter, Craig met with us and show us several homes. After our meeting, Craig created a custom home search website to show us homes that fit our specific wants and needs. We looked at the search regularly, but we wanted to buy the right home so we were picky about the homes we chose to see. No matter what, Craig called each week to see if there were any homes we’d like to go see in person.We looked at several homes and made a few offers. Eventually Craig told us an offer we made on a HUD home had been accepted. We were thrilled! We bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath home for $68,100, HUD agreed to pay $2,043.00 in closing costs, and our payments are ONLY $546.54 a month. That’s WONDERFUL! We went from renting for $630 a month to OWNING for $546.54 a month. We got a terrific purchase price on our home, $2,043.00 of our closing cost paid, and the Buyers Advantage Program, which includes a 12 month Sell for Free Guarantee, A Free Home Warranty, and Free Owner’s Title Insurance. Craig even set the closing date so we would not have our first house payment until 33 days later. We recommend Craig Summers to everyone, he was was really dedicated to helping us get our loan and our home. Veronica Mireles & Joey Fennell Villa Rica, GA For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.