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3 Important Factors Most Real Estate Agents Overlook when Staging a Property in , By Experienced Agent Craig Summers

Posted by Craig Summers on March 19, 2011
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Staging a home is a detailed and intricate process. You’re going through the process of making your home as nice as possible to get the highest price possible. When it comes to staging, there are many things most real estate agents to right. However, based on my years of experience in the market, Iíve found that most agents tend to leave out these three important factors.

Factor #1 Scent

Scent plays a big part in staging a home. Remember that a home purchase is an emotional decision. The sense of smell plays a big part in influencing oneís emotions.

Having any odors, stale air, muskiness or strange smells will kill your chances of making the sale. Itís absolutely critical that your house smell at least neutral, if not good.

There are many ways to change the scent of your house. You could burn incense an hour before showing the house. You could install some air fresheners. You could even use essential oils that are used in aromatherapy to truly create a luxurious feel.

Factor #2 Lighting

Lighting is another very important factor that many agents overlook. The lighting in the house literally colors everything else. A house that appears bright will feel vibrant, happy and alive to the buyer. A house thatís dim will feel gloomy, dark and dead.

Natural lighting is the optimal source of lighting. If you canít get natural lighting to work or to be well lit enough, the get some artistic indoor lighting. Avoid hard lights and avoid fluorescent lights.

Factor #3 Furnishing

It’s very common for agents to show an empty house. While this does create a clean and open look, the reality is that most people donít have a very strong ability to imagine what a house will look like with furnishing.

It’s important to have good furnishing in the house when youíre staging it so that the buyer can really get a feel for what the house will feel like when it’s furnished. Pick just a few key pieces to help the buyer do that.

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