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6 Tips for Picking a Real Estate Agent in

Posted by Craig Summers on August 5, 2014
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Your real estate agent is someone who’ll be working side by side with you on one of the biggest financial moves of your life. Your agent will be negotiating with you, educating you and helping you buy or sell your property. It’s absolutely crucial to make sure you choose a good real estate agent. In this article, we’ll go over 6 powerful tips for choosing a good real estate agent in the area.
Tip #1 – Look at Their Website
You can tell a lot about a real estate agent based on their website. This is where they’ll “showcase” the highlights of their service.
What sets them apart from the competition? How long have they been in business? Browse your potential agent’s website and see if who they are resonates with you.
Tip #2 – Trust your first impression
A working relationship with a real estate agent is based on trust. Trust that your agent will have your best interest in mind, not just a quick commission.
Often times your first impressions will be dead on. Can you trust this person? Do you feel comfortable doing business with this person? Usually you’ll be able to answer these questions in just a 15-30 minute conversation.
Tip #3 – What will be your marketing plan (Seller) or negotiation strategy (Buyer) for me?
A good real estate agent will have a plan for getting you the best price possible, whether you’re buying or selling.
When you’re considering working with an agent, ask them: What will be your marketing plan or strategy for negotiating for me?
Tip #4 – Work with a Residential Expert
If you’re looking for an agent in the area, generally you want to work with someone who knows the area very well.
Make sure your agent has been local for some time and has completed several transactions in the local area. Your agent should have a good idea of the approximate home values in all the different areas of the city.
Tip #5 – How reachable are you? What will working with you be like?
What hours does your agent work? Will you be dealing directly with your agent, or will you have to go through an assistant every time?
How long will you have to wait each time you make an appointment? Can you call up a couple days before, or do you have to make an appointment a week in advance?
Know what it’s like to work with your agent before you decide whether or not to move forward.
Tip #6 – Can Your Agent Provide References?
Satisfied clients will oftentimes provide references, letters of recognition or a phone number where other potential clients can call to see what it was like working with this agent.
If your agent has been in business for some time, they should have some references you can look at. Look into these references and see if your agent is someone you want to work with.
If you’re considering an agent in the area, it’s important to work with someone who’s experienced and knows the local area. If you don’t already have an agent, feel free to give me a call for a free consultation on buying or selling your home. I can be reached at 404 374 1620 or

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