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8 Point Checklist to Closing on a Property in . How to make the process go smoothly, by Craig Summers, Real Estate Expert

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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The closing process is the last step to purchasing or selling a home. The process can often be intimidating because of how much legal paperwork there is involved. In this article Iíll walk you through the process so that the closing process will go much smoother for you.

1) Homeownerís Insurance

Insurance is always necessary to get the mortgage. Remember to get homeownerís insurance and bring proof to closing.

2) Gather All Your Paperwork

Make sure you have all your paperwork in place the day before closing. Review all your paperwork to make sure that everything is in order.

3) Have Your Inspections Completed

Have the property inspections completed when you come to escrow. If there are any repairs that are necessary, make sure theyíre in writing.

4) Have Title Insurance

Itís important to get title insurance for your home purchase. Title insurance insures that the title on your property is clean.

5) Get Approval of Mortgage

At this point, your mortgage should be approved so that you can get your loan to pay for your new property.

6) Bring Your Cashierís Check

The amount necessary for closing the on the property should always be on a cashierís check.

7) Clear All Contingencies

At this point, all contingencies and clauses should be cleared so that you can go ahead with the transfer of the deed.

8) Understand Your Closing Costs

Before closing, itís important to have a good idea of what your closing costs are. Itís also important to know who will pay the closing costs. Unless otherwise stated, usually the buyer pays the closing costs.

Following these tips should make the whole closing process go much smoother for you. Remember to talk to your real estate agent and your loan officer about the closing process, as theyíve both been through the process many times.

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