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A Strong Offer On My Home, Listed And SOLD My Buyer’s Home, And Worked Through All The Issues In One Of The Most Complicated Real Estate Transactions Ever!

Posted by Craig Summers on April 11, 2016
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I’ve worked with Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team for years as his primary lender and written 3 mortgages for him on homes he’s bought.  When I made the decision to sell my personal home I knew he was the best agent for me because of his go-getter style of selling.  I’ve helped him assist many buyer’s find just the right home and go above and beyond to get them all the way through closing, no matter what challenges arose.  I’ve also watched him help seller’s sell their homes very quickly and for the most amount of money possible, sometimes for more than the list price.

Craig was very honest with me about my home sale.  He explained to me that because I had a large home on 7.8 acres, that it would take longer to sell it than a home in a subdivision.  Being a lender, I understood this would be an obstacle to overcome.  I told Craig I still wanted to move forward and told him what I thought my home should sell for; he said he’d do some market research to see what he could find.  He called me back with good news! He felt my home would sell for more than I thought.  I decided to move forward.

Just a couple of weeks after we listed my home, relatives of the previous property owner expressed interest and made an offer on my home.  They had to list and sell their current home and advised they were working on getting this in order.  I chose to take the offer and allow them to get their home on the market and sold.  They had issues in getting their home sold and we ended up cancelling the offer with them, so I could actually get my home sold.  Craig told me not to worry; even, if it took a while to get a solid offer on my home.  He reminded me that it was not an everyday home, but a large home on 7.8 acres.

It did take two long months to get another offer, but Craig encouraged me the entire time to keep me moving forward.  We got another offer from someone who needed to list and sell their home.  I was discouraged, but Craig said this buyer wanted him to list and sell their current home.  He told me he’d set the appointment to sell their home and we would know more after he’d seen it.  After he saw it, he immediately called me to tell me we had a GREAT chance of moving forward with this buyer because they had an amazing home and it should sell quickly.

Craig was able to list my buyer’s home, but it took much longer than expected to sell their home.  Three months to be exact AND the buyer of their home needed to sell a home in order to buy my buyer’s home.  Talk about complicated! This is one of the most complicated transactions I or Craig had ever seen.  Even though this transaction was extremely complicated and had many moving parts, Craig was great at keeping everything moving forward in order to sell my home.  He kept me updated every step of the way and he kept on top of all the items that needed to be completed in order to keep the transactions moving forward.

Craig was able to get me a strong offer on my home, list and sell my buyer’s home, and work through all the issues in one of the most complicated transactions.  I highly recommend Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team to anyone who is looking to sale their home.  As you can see, he will get the job done by working through everything that is needed!

Jena Roddy
Rockmart, GA