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A very nice, large, and well-kept home with a fully remodeled kitchen, $4,257.50 in closing costs paid by the seller, a large industrial air compressor and a

Posted by Craig Summers on March 4, 2015
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In May of 2012, we were renting for $800.00 and decided it was time to buy a home. We began searching online and we found with an online form for a FREE list of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with PRICES, ADDRESSES, & DESCRIPTIONS. We filled out the form and received a call from Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team. We explained to Craig we were looking at homes large enough for our family of 4, plus both sets of in-laws. Craig talked with us about the plan and followed up with us regularly to see exactly how we wanted to move forward. Once we made the decision to move forward, Craig got us over to his lender. We found out that Bill had no credit scores. Craig called us to find out more, and we told him Bill had been laid off and that created some issues in the past. We stopped using credit and starting paying for everything with cash. Craig took the time to explain we’d have to build credit in Bill’s name to use his income on the loan. He advised it could take as much as a year. We began working on this so we could make our home purchase. Even as the Paulding & Polk Team grew, Craig made sure Keisha Cline, one of the team members, followed up with us regularly. They both advised us of exactly what we needed to do in order to move forward with our home purchase. Unfortunately we had some family issues along the way and had to put our home purchase on hold. Finally in December of 2014, we’d followed the guidance of the Paulding & Polk Team and Bill’s credit was in great shape. Keisha called and we told her we were ready to move forward with our home purchase. Keisha got us right over to their lender. We were pre-approved! Keisha set a time for us to meet with Craig and look at homes.Craig was great; he got us set up on a custom home search and showed us homes that day. We even made an offer on one of them, but the seller was just not willing to negotiate so we decided not to purchase the home. Craig had Keisha follow up with us each week to see if we’d seen any homes in our custom home search that we’d like to go see. We saw 15-20 homes and eventually decided to offer on one of the first few we saw. Craig was great; he negotiated hard for us and we eventually got the home under contract. We were extremely happy! With Craig’s help we got: 1. A very nice, large, and well-kept home with a fully remodeled kitchen! 2. $4,257.50 in closing costs paid by the seller! 3. A large industrial air compressor and a “Beach Cruiser” Bicycle 4. Our first house payment isn’t due until 34 days from our closing! That’s a great list, but Craig also gave us the Buyers Advantage Program, which includes a 12 month Sell for Free Guarantee, A Free Home Warranty, and Free Owner’s Title Insurance. We recommend Craig Summers and the Paulding & Polk Team for all your real estate needs! Bill & Tina Corp Powder Springs, GA For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.