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Advice from Real Estate Agent Craig Summers on how to Look at a Home

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Advice from Real Estate Agent Craig Summers on how to Look at a Home

Every seller wants you to buy their home. They will try everything to convince you that their home is better than anything else you will look at. So how do you narrow your selection? Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when you need to weed out some of the competition.

You have to feel comfortable in a home, regardless of the fact that you don’t own it- yet. When you walk into a home for the first time you will instantly know if you want to see the rest of it. Everyone has experienced a bad “feeling” in certain homes. You can’t put your finger on it, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel comfortable to you. If you have to talk yourself into it, then it’s not the right one for you.

First, take a look at the kitchen. Whoever does the cooking will be spending a lot of time in this room. Do you like the layout? Is there ample counter space? Are the appliances dated? Also, look at what source of energy you will be cooking with. If you don’t like cooking with gas then make sure it is an electric stove or range. Last, make sure there are plenty of cabinets for your needs. This is not something that you can skimp on, or add later.

When looking at bedrooms, imagine your furniture in them. Is there enough room? And is it laid out properly? If you have a massive armoire for your TV you need to find a place to fit it in. You can always paint, but you can’t make a room bigger.

Bathrooms are important rooms, too. If they will be shared by more than one person is there enough room to get around each other? This is especially true for the master bedroom where two adults may be getting ready at the same time. This is where two vanities, or sinks, will come in handy. Another thing that most adults overlook is the toilet area. Is it separated with a door? If you are not into public displays then you may want some privacy when nature calls.

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