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Amazing Negotiation Help And The Ability Face Difficult Situations Head On Kept Our Home Sale Moving Forward!

Posted by Craig Summers on June 30, 2016
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I spoke with a friend of mine about selling our home and she told me I should call Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team.  She explained how great he was to work with when she and her husband were buying their home.  We reached out to Craig and spoke with him.  At the time, we were not 100% sure we wanted to sell.  Craig said that was fine, but that he would check back periodically to see if anything changed.  He did just that, following up with us once a month or so until we were ready.  He advised us he’d do some research and come out to tell us for what price he thought he could sell our home and come out to show us that research.

Craig was great; he showed up and had his full listing presentation prepared. Before he went over that, he asked us to show him around the home.  After looking around the home and asking us questions about the home, Craig asked us if we wanted to see his full listing presentation or what the market data showed our home was worth.  After he showed us the market data, we discussed what he felt we should list our home for and for what we wanted to list the home. Craig was great, he never criticized our choice to list the home higher than what he felt it would sell for.  He was kind enough to explain that we should expect to see offers below our list price, but slightly above the price he recommended.  He did point out a few minor issues we should repair before putting the home on the market, explaining that those items, although minor, could cause our home not to sell.  We agreed and got those items repaired.

We completed our repair list in a short amount of time and advised Craig we were ready to list our home.  We listed our home with Craig and in just 3 short weeks, we were under contract to sell our home.  The buyer had a home inspection completed and found some issues they wanted us to address. With Craig’s help, we negotiated to repair the sensible items and said no to the items we felt were not sensible.  The buyer agreed to move forward.

Just a week or so later, we received disheartening news that the appraisal came in lower than our contract price. In fact it came in at exactly for what Craig said our home should sell.  Craig worked very hard to convince us to work with the buyer and keep our transaction moving forward.  At first, we didn’t agree to this and Craig told us we may lose the buyer, but he never stopped working with the buyer’s agent and us to work the situation out.  Again, with Craig’s help, we negotiated what we felt was a sensible solution and kept our sell moving forward.

If you want an agent who has the ability to work through difficult situations in your real estate transaction, you need to contact Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team!  He will do everything he can to make sure your transaction keeps moving forward and get you to the closing table!

Vladimir & Alla Kochubey
Douglasville, GA