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Another Seller Saved from Foreclosure

Posted by Craig Summers on June 11, 2011
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“Due to a change in my health, I was no longer able to make the payments on my primary residence. I moved out and rented the residence for a short time, but was not able to keep it occupied and I could no longer make the payments. Through some investing information I found Craig Summers and his short sale team. They informed me I was facing a short sale situation on my former residence. Craig Summers’ team was outstanding and their attention to detail is amazing! Craig’s team helped me salvage my financial situation. They put my home under contract more than once, not giving up when the first offer did not work out. Craig’s Team got the bank to accept the short sale offer and waive the remaining $60,000 balance on my loan. Because Craig was thinking ahead and purchased a home buyers warranty for the buyer, he was able to save the sale of my home when the buyer was not satisfied with the inspection and was going to back out.” -Carla Lowe Acworth, GA For a FREE Weekly List of 3 Plus Bedroom Dallas Georgia Homes under $100,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link, fill out the form below or call 877 566 0511 Ext. 4010