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are vacation homes an investment?

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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What do you think of a Dallas Georgia Homes & Rockmart GA Homes area vacation home as an investment?

You can buy a vacation home today for investment purposes as well as enjoyment. And yes, there are tax benefits.
Some people buy a vacation home in the Dallas Georgia Homes & Rockmart GA Homes area to use as a permanent retirement home later, which allows them to get ahead on their payments. Another benefit is that the interest and property taxes on a vacation home are tax-deductible.
Some real estate experts predict that vacation homes will appreciate in value due to rising demand from the aging Baby Boom generation.
You also can depreciate the property if you live in the house fewer than 14 days a year, or 10 percent of the number of rented days – whichever is greater.
You also need to consider whether you can afford to carry two mortgages, pay for the extra utilities and maintenance costs, and how this investment fits into your total personal finance picture.

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