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Are you Normal Joe or average Jane?

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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Are you Normal Joe or average Jane? I sure hope not, because average or “normal” in America today is nothing to be proud of! Here are just a few things that are considered normal in America today – The average American household carries nearly $11,000 in credit card debt. It that you? 63% of Americans are over weight and over 31% of Americans (nearly 90,000,000 people) are obese (that has tripled in the last 20 years.) Nearly half a million people die each year from obesity related illnesses. It that you? Want to find out where you are at? Use this BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index). If your number is not what you like, don’t start making excuses such as “it can’t be right”, “I have big bones”, “it’s my genes”, “it does not apply to my body type” or any other stuff you will brainwash yourself with to make you think it is okay. Even though it is normal, it is not okay.
Over 43% of marriages end in divorce (they say that percentage is climbing and may be as high as 50% today). I think a big part of the reason the divorce rate is so high is because we are “normal” at everything else in our life and normal doesn’t cut it? So, because our life is normal, it leads to our marriage being normal and we know what normal is – right? It that you? There are 49 counties in the world where the people have a longer average life expectancy than Americans. We live in America the greatest country in the world and we are number 50?!? Some say our children’s average life expectancy may be the first in history that will be less than their parents. Why? Because our children are watching us and doing what we are doing. It that you? Over 55% of people in America suffer from high blood pressure and over 300,000 people each year die from it. It that you?
Unfortunately because the majority of people in America are ‘normal’ (or average) it has become our measuring-stick to measure our lives by. What we measure ourselves against is sub-par so compared to the masses we look fine. However, for people whose life is “normal” or average, guess what? Their life is not all that great, but they just don’t know it. If someone is normal they are probably one or more of these – overweight, broke, addicted, divorced, depressed, unhappy, stressed out and who knows what else. It is all they know, so they don’t know what it could be like. Now don’t get all bummed out if you are thinking I am normal. The great part is we can do something about it. It all starts with the first step – start spending more time with people who aren’t normal or average. Think about it, if all of the people you are spending your time with are like you, do you think you are going to change? NO. On the other hand, do you think if you hang out with people who are achieving more than the average, you might learn by their examples and achieve more than the average? You bet.So, why isn’t this a natural behavior? Because when we spend time with people achieving more than us, it makes us uncomfortable and it exposes us. This forces us to acknowledge our weaknesses and forces us to improve and improving requires us to get uncomfortable and change. You see, we want to spend time with people that make us feel comfortable, feel good about our life that is what is natural and easy. When we spend time with people like us it makes it all okay that we are the way we are that we are a “Normal Joe” or a “Normal Jane”.

Something to remember – we will very rarely achieve 10% above or 10% below the average of our five best friends. The five people we spend the majority of our time with in all areas of our life. So be careful who you are spending YOUR time with. Don’t get too comfortable, because comfortable is typically “normal,” and I’ve shown you what normal is/does above!Don’t be “normal,” be exceptional and have an AMAZING life!For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.