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Be 110% Committed

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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If you have ever played a contact sport in your life like football or rugby, you know that a sure fired way to get hurt is by not playing full out. Not going 110%. Not being 110% engaged. In contact sports you are either doing the hitting or you’re getting hit. It is pretty much that simple.It is really the same thing with most everything in life with the exception being that you can usually at least walk off the field in most other things in life, unlike in contact football or rugby where they cart you off on a stretcher. That is the good thing and the bad thing. The good thing is we can go through the motions giving it a half hearted effort and not really get hurt. Unfortunately we don’t really get anywhere because the pain of not being 110% committed and focused is most of the time not immediately felt. It builds up over time and we get mortally injured slowly and don’t even realize it is happening until it is too late.Most people just want to dip their toes in the water with things in life when what we really need to do is dive in! You see it every day – people showing up but not going full out. It will be the difference between winning and losing. The good thing is most people go through life only playing half speed. So if you go 110% you will not only score, but you will CRUSH IT and win!! Week three of the NFL season is in the books, so do like they do in the pro’s with everything you do in life…drop the hammer and go 110%.For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.