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Burning Desire

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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How is it that two people with the exact same God given talents can do exactly the same activities, but one excels beyond all measure and one fails? We see it in sports all of the time. For example we will see two great wide receivers enter the NFL out of college. The expectations by all of the analysts and professionals are for them to be both superstars. They both get drafted in the first round, go through training camp and make it through their first few seasons. Then one gets cut and the other goes on to becoming an MVP and ultimately gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. Why? Last week’s Monday Motivation was about one of the most important keys to success is having a system, a schedule and then being disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable to do whatever it takes to follow your system/schedule. There are a lot of great books out there on the benefits of accountability, scorekeeping for success, tracking your activities, etc. Heck, if you want to lose weight and go to Weight Watchers, Nutrasystem, or one of the other weight loss programs out there, monitoring and tracking your exercise and what you eat is the key to success. Why is it then that this works for some, but not for MOST? Of course it’s because some follow the system and most don’t…most cheat. Why? Why do MOST cheat and not succeed and others stick with it? Weight loss in every case is really a life or death decision…right? It may not be immediately obvious, but we know those who are overweight have a higher probability of disease…cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Now, if life or death is not enough motivation to hold someone accountable to doing what they need to do, what will? What causes one wide receiver to get cut and one to become an MVP? BURNING DESIRE Let’s talk first about what Burning Desire isn’t. It isn’t fear of failure, desperation, someone forcing you to do what you need to do, or doing something for someone else. It is not casual, easy going, waiting, hoping, etc… So, what is Burning Desire? It is a drive deep, deep, deep down inside of EVERYONE of us that will motivate us and gets us excited, thrilled and fired up beyond measure about the possibilities. It is that thing that gets you so excited you wish you didn’t have to take the time to sleep. Unfortunately, in many people it is covered by year upon years of complacency, vulnerability, discouragement, and believing we are a victim. Burning desire is the drive to do what needs to be done even when you don’t want to do it. It is passion, enthusiasm, love…it is POWER!!!!!!!! What is the key to unlocking our Burning Desire? Unfortunately there is no one master key that opens up that lock for everyone. Every lock is different and it is up to each of us individually to find our key. I would recommend spending time every single day praying, focusing, visualizing and working on discovering what your Burning Desire is. The first step is to start looking. It will not happen overnight, but when you find it, it will be like someone lifted 1,000 pounds off of your shoulders. You will feel like you can fly.

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