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Posted by Craig Summers on May 11, 2012
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Paulding County home prices are still low, but with interest rates in the 3-4% range for buyers are snatching up every available home. The number of Paulding County homes available for purchase has drastically decreased in the last twelve months. Because of this we’ve also seen an average increase of $10,000 in the sales price over the last twelve months. Even with the price increase, Paulding County homes that are priced well and in good condition are selling in DAYS! This is supply and demand at its best! The demand has increased over the last year, which caused the supply to decrease and prices to rise. If you’ve been waiting to buy your home, DON’T WAIT LONGER, THE PRICES ARE ONLY GOING UP! If you don’t buy, you’ll likely miss your chance to buy Paulding County homes with the most incredible market conditions you’ll see in your lifetime.

The below statistics tell the story of how today’s market conditions challenge buyers. You MUST act with speed to make an offer when you find Paulding County homes you’d like to buy. The below March 2013 market absorption rate of Paulding County homes priced between $100,000 to $125,000 show homes have a 228.2% chance of selling.

Current number of homes on the market

Number of homes that failed to sell in the past 12 months 500
Number of homes that Sold in past 12 months
Total number of homes sold per month

Total Months worth of Inventory



Current number of homes on the market

Number of new inventory for this period

Total Inventory


Number of Homes that will sell

Number of Homes that will not sell
Average Sold Price during the last 12 months _$109,354_

% of Homes Months Days on
Month that will sell of Inventory Market
April 2012 75% 3.0 80
May 2012 76.5% 3.1 83
June 2012 112.7% 2.1 78
July 2012 104.1% 2.3 81
August 2012 147.8% 1.6 41
September 2012 125.8% 1.9 40
October 2012 106.7% 2.3 43
November 2012 114.5% 2.1 38
December 2012 132.6% 1.8 37
January 2013 180.7% 1.3 36
February 2013 122.9% 2.0 36
March 2013 228.2% 1.1 37

There is no you could possibly know about all Paulding County homes as they come become available for sale. In today’s ever changing real estate market homes are selling so fast, you’ve got to hire a Real Estate professional, just to keep your stability. A good real estate agent works in the market every day and knows how to find you a great home for a great price. When working with your agent, make sure the two of you discuss your Maximum Offer Price. You and your agent need to know that NO MATTER WHAT, you DO NOT to go over your maximum offer price! You don’t want to own more home than you can afford. If you find the right home, act fast, don’t delay, MAKE AN OFFER!

There is a lot of free information available to you about buying, selling or investing in Paulding County homes. For complete information about the Paulding County home market including current homes for sale, property values and more please visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything Paulding County homes at Please feel free to contact me with any of your mortgage questions and I will me more than glad to answer you. Call me on my cell at 404 374 1620 or email me at

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