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Choosing The Best Neighborhood: Advice from Real Estate Agent Craig Summers

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Choosing The Best Neighborhood: Advice from Real Estate Agent Craig Summers

Purchasing a new house is an important decision, but choosing its location is just as important. If you don’t properly research the area where a home you plan on buying is located, this could cause problems and cost you a lot of money. Craig Summers a real estate expert states that performing proper research on the area is a vital part of buying a new home.

When looking up homes for sale, a lot of prospective buyers will look into how far these homes are from their workplace. This is an important concern for many buyers, however it should not be the only criteria for choosing a home’s location. There are some other things that should be carefully examined before making a big decision like buying a home.

Buyers should also consider the schools which are present in the area. This is an important consideration even if you don’t have any children. In the event that you would want to sell your home later on, other buyers may have some. Neighborhood schools are a big criteria for many buyers and can often influence their final decision on whether or not to buy a certain house.

In case you are not familiar with the local school district, you can easily do some research online on the schools in the area and find out facts about them such as average test scores, drop out rates, etc.

When you locate a home in a GA neighborhood that sparks your interest, be sure to examine the surrounding area, including the adjacent neighborhoods. See how close you are to services such as shopping malls, doctors, the post office, etc. Many people don’t like to have a long commute each time they need to run an errand.

Your real estate agent can look up statistics on the neighborhood for you. This will show you a lot of things, such as average asking prices, average sale prices and the difference between the two. It will also show you the amount of homes that are currently up for sale and how long it took for them to sell. Another thing to consider is average property values and whether they went up or down in recent years.

One last thing to do when deciding on a neighborhood is to take a drive through it and see what it looks like. If houses and yards look unkempt, it is probable that the value of your property will be lower than what it could be in an area that looks cleaner.

If you want more advice on selecting the right home to suit your needs, please contact real estate expert Craig Summers at 404 374 1620 today!

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