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Craig Summers discusses items that must be checked by your Home Inspector

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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The list could be smaller but you can see there are a lot of people involved in the purchase of a home. So here is a punch list to keep the process moving when you are buying a home in .

As soon as the offer has been accepted it is best to schedule a home inspection right away. Usually they can be done within a day or two of calling the inspection company.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but think of it as an insurance policy. You pay car insurance every month without expecting to get in an accident.

You may not think there is anything wrong with the property you are looking at, but it is best to get a non-biased third party to look over the property and give you a their professional opinion on what repairs may need to be done to the property or things that could possibly go wrong with the property in the years to come.

If there are any underground oil tanks (i.e.: for an oil furnace) on the property you will definitely want to have a soil test done after you have completed the home inspection if you are still ready to move forward on the purchase of the home.

It can cost a home owner thousands of dollars to remove a tank if the soil is contaminated so the cost of an inspection is money well spent.

Once your inspections are done if there are items that came up that could be negotiated, you will want to look at the possibility of re-negotiating the contract.

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