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Do It, Delegate It, or Delete It

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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Come on….You have 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 emails in your inbox. Like you are ever going to go back to email number 3,498 and deal with it. I know we have the best of intentions to go back and deal with it, but you are dreaming. It is not going to happen or by the time you do, it is going to be too late and the person who sent you the email is going to feel like you have blown them off.I find it completely mind bogging the number of emails most people have in their inbox…not to mention the number of saved voicemails. I know some of you may find this sick, but I go to bed with my email and voicemail inboxes empty everyday…and I get over 100 emails and probably 10 voicemails a day. I know this may not be a typical Monday Morning MOJO topic, but this is truly one of those things I see holding so many people back in life and business. People are completely overwhelmed and behind because they fail to act and instead procrastinate…not just on email, but on everything. Ladies and Gentlemen, today with the amount of information we have coming at us each and every day we need to be able to evaluate information quickly and act on it…not procrastinate on it. Because if we do not evaluate and act we continue to bury ourselves deeper and deeper until we eventually suffocate ourselves, our usinesses, and our lives.We are in the information age, and information is coming at us like a rushing river. It is never going to slow down…it is only going to increase and get faster so get over it and quit complaining. Embrace it and look at it as an opportunity, not a detriment to your business and life. To succeed in business and life we need to DEAL WITH IT!!!! I hear many people say if you really need something call me, don’t email me. Give me a break. I am sure the same thing applied when the phone was first discovered. People would say if you really need something jump on your horse and come see me or send me a letter, but don’t call me. Does that make any sense today. No Way. Neither does it make sense to not action something NOW.Here is a little trick I do to keep on top of my emails. I focus on deleting the not so important emails and spam throughout the day. I don’t necessarily try and deal with everything that needs my attention immediately. I simply try and whittle down my inbox throughout the day so that when I do sit down to work on replying and dealing with my email I can focus on things that really need my attention and not the junk or the things that I am simply cc’d on that do not require a reply…I just simply scan those throughout the day so I know what is going on and then delete them in the spare minutes I have between calls, meetings, and other stuff. Reality of it is of the 100 emails I get a day probably only 30 to 50 require some kind of a response. The rest are junk and/or things I am getting cc’d on. I am sure the same thing applies to you.Information is power, but only if we do it, delegate it or delete it.Make it a great week!!!!!! For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.