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Everything EXPANDS!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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MONEY…WORK…HEALTH…YOUR WEIGHT…LIFE – everything expands to meet the resources available. Have you ever noticed how that works? It’s the day before you go on vacation. How is it you can get all that stuff done you haven’t been able to get done for months, the day before you leave on vacation? Because we have a deadline.It’s April 15th and you get your taxes done just in time. How is it we can get our taxes done and dropped off at the Post Office the evening of April 15th, but could never seem to find the time the three and a half months before. Because we have a deadline.You ever notice when you go on a diet and lose all that weight you can’t seem to keep it off. Next time try burning all of your old clothes so you can’t expand back into them. Because if you have clothes that will fit when you put back on the weight, guess what? You will. Remove the option or at least make it expensive if you do.Have you ever noticed that no matter how much money you make it never seems to be enough? It’s because your expenses are expanding to meet your income. Watch out for this one…it is a killer!!!
Why is it at the end of a football game with only 2 minutes left a team can score, but they had not been able to score the entire game before the final 2 minutes? The deadline is 2 minutes away and either they win or lose…they have no options.When we have deadlines we are forced into action – no more procrastination – you just do it because you have to. Somehow we need to figure out a way to create our own self imposed deadlines, get ahead in the game early and not wait until the last 2 minutes.Isn’t it funny, that no matter where we are in life, we always feel like we don’t have enough time? In high school…in college…starting our career…after we get married…after we have kids. Not only can we seem to get more and more done at each stage in life, but when we reflect back, we wonder what we did with all that free time we had in the previous stage of our life. It’s just because the amount of time it takes to do things will expand or reduce to meet the amount of time you give it. Operate from a schedule and create mini deadlines on everything and then let someone you know, who will hold you to it, about the deadline. It is called accountability – that other word we all hate. For most it is almost like the word death. But the reality of it is, if you want to have freedom and success you need to have accountability and discipline. Sorry about that.Make it a GREAT week!For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.