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Expert In Real Estate Craig Summers Speaks About Mold- And The Health Problems It Can Cause For Homeowners

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Expert In Real Estate Craig Summers Speaks About Mold- And The Health Problems It Can Cause For Homeowners

While looking at houses be sure to look at everything that is visible and in plain site. However, what about the things that may not seem so obvious?Mold can be one of those not so obvious things.

Causing problems for homeowners everywhere, mildew and mold are an ongoing problem. Many people do not realize how much moisture is in their house. Often mold is in an out of eye sight location and can spread into an epidemic problem if the situation is left untreated. Mold and mildew can not grow with a lack of moisture, so there must be continuous moisture for mold to thrive and grow.

Mold produces very small spores that float in the air until they find and land on a damp area. The mold then digest the moisture and as a result will grow and then spread. A house cannot be guaranteed to be 100 percent free of mold,therefore the best way to control mold is by eliminating the moisture that it needs to thrive.

Mold does not just cause structure damage, it can also cause health problems in older adults, as well as children. Usually healthier adults will be the last to experience health problems because a person prone to breathing problems or asthma will feel the affects first.

When a leak in your house becomes apparent it is important to take immediate action. By repairing the area within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour time frame, you will be able to prevent anymore mold from growing. Thoroughly clean the infested area with either a solution of bleach and water or detergent and water.

After you have cleaned the area, it is vital that you make sure that the water is completely dried up. If you notice any damaged material then replacing it should be a priority. If the cleanup task appears to be more than you can handle, then a moisture remediation company should be called in. A hard job should be left to an expert.

Mold growth is common in the following areas: around a shower frame,in ceiling tile,under sinks and under carpeting. When damaged materials are removed, make sure to remove a little extra that is outside the area of the infestation. The reason for that is because the mold may not have been developed fully and you would then have to redo the job.

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