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Expert Real Estate Agent Craig Summers Reveals the Number One “Trigger” to Quickly Get a Buyer to Make an Offer on Your House in

Posted by Craig Summers on May 29, 2012
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What is it exactly that sells a house? Is it the price? Is it design? Is it the kitchen, bedroom, or the bathroom? In reality, it’s none of these. What really sells a house are the buyer’s emotions. In order to sell your house quickly, it’s very important to learn to trigger your buyer’s emotions. Based on years of experience in the real estate market, here I’ll share with you some of the best ways I know to get an emotional response from a buyer.

Appealing to Emotions – The First Impression

The first impression of your house will most likely be the most powerful impression you’ll make on your buyer.

The first impression isn’t a conscious, rational decision. When a buyer first sets eyes on your house or sets foot in your house, your buyer will immediately have a reaction. That reaction could be a “Wow!” reaction, or a “There’s nothing special here” reaction.

To get that “Wow!” impression, it’s important to create the best impression possible.

Creating the Best First Impression

Your front yard, the exterior of your house and what your buyer first sees when he/she enters your house is crucial.

Imagine if your front yard was poorly kept. What would the buyer think? Naturally, the buyer would assume the rest of the house was kept equally poorly. Likewise, if the front yard is kept spectacularly, they would assume the same about the interior.

Again, this usually isn’t a conscious process. Your buy will just make an immediate, emotional decision instead.

Inside the House

Needless to say, once your buyer is inside everything should be in spectacular condition. The tiles should be clean, the house should be well lit and anything that needs to be repaired should be repaired.

It also helps a lot to have a focal point. For example, an unusually beautiful ceiling. Or perhaps an amazing balcony. If there isn’t naturally a focal point, you could drastically increase your chances of a sale by creating one.

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