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Finding a Home Inspector That Suits Your Specific Needs

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Finding the best set of eyes to investigate your potential home requires some homework. Actually, a lot, but let’s start with the basics.

Finding a Home Inspector

If you have a friend who also recently purchased a home, then chances are he’s had his home inspected by a home inspector. You can ask him if there’s anyone he can suggest or if he knows the association or company to which his home inspector belongs. If not, you can also try asking your real estate broker, but be wary when you resort to this because sometimes, when a home inspector works closely with one agent in particular, it could be that your best interest might not always be in his mind. At any rate, you have another option.

One of the perks of the Internet is that you can find all sorts of information about almost anything in there. You can start looking for a home inspector by checking websites operated by CREIA ( and ASHI (

These two sites actually include tips for consumers, home inspector standards and practices and lists of members. It might be good if you hire a home inspector, who is a member of a reputable association because their membership often comes with a very rigid set of rules that ensure professionalism in everything that they do. For one, some organizations require their home inspector to pass a test. After that, they would have to meet continuing education requirements. And then, there are the standards of practice and code of ethics that they need to follow. All of this will help ensure that you are getting your money’s worth when you hire a home inspector to examine your house.

What You Need to Know About Home Inspectors

Most inspections take at least three hours for an average-sized house. The cost depends on the size of the potential home. Prepare yourself to spend at least $250 to $350. But if the house you are planning to buy is huge, then you might have to spend a little more than that.

home inspectors are not required to do more than what their job entails, which is to make an objective and independent visual assessment of all its major components. So figuring out how to shut off the electricity, water and gas, and how to service smoke detectors may not be part of their job, but you can ask them questions pertaining to these.

It is always advised that you, the home buyer, are present while the home inspector is making his rounds of the property. He will be looking through every aspect of the house, even going so far as going through crawl spaces, poking the cills and windows, and going up the attic. That much he is allowed. But if he starts disturbing or moving any personal belongings that come with the house, be forewarned: He is not allowed to do that.

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