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From Contract To SOLD In 34 Days!!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 19, 2015
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My husband, Bhrett, and I decided it was time to move to be closer to our family. We knew just who to contact about selling our home. We reached out to Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team, because he’d sold us our current home and stayed in contact with us over the year or so we’d lived here. When we spoke, Craig said the values had come up and he felt we could make a profit. He advised us he’d do some research and come out to tell us what he thought he could sell our home for. He also verified we had a buyer’s agent in the area we were moving into. Craig arrived to meet with Bhrett with his full listing presentation ready. He advised he could go over that, but most of his clients preferred to know what he felt their home was worth based on the most recent home sales. Bhrett, like his other clients, chose to discuss our home’s value first. Craig went straight to the market data he’d found. He showed Bhrett what the most recent sales prices were and what the homes currently on the market were listed for and advised us at what price he thought we should list. He advised we needed a plan because homes were selling fast and we could receive an offer very quickly. We advised we had a back-up plan if we sold our home before we bought a new one. Since it was a back up plan and not our first option, Craig advised we should list our home at the top of the market to allow us time to look for a new home. We agreed. We listed the home and had a few showings, fairly quickly. Just 5 short days later, we got a cash offer from an investor. Craig presented the offer to us and we counter offered to the buyer, but we could not get the investor to make a better offer. We decided we’d just leave the home on the market and try to sell to a traditional buyer. After a couple of weeks without any further showings, Craig recommended we reduce the price slightly to generate some more interest in the home. Just 3 days later, we found a home we absolutely loved and wanted to purchase. This home seller told us our current home had to be under contract in order for us to purchase their home. We contacted Craig and immediately reduced our price to get our current home under contract and sold in order to buy our new home. Craig reacted immediately, reducing our price to get us an offer. Unfortunately while we were waiting for our offer, the home we loved sold. We told Craig it wasn’t a big deal, we’d leave our price the same and wait for a buyer. Just 6 days later, we received an offer from a traditional buyer. Unfortunately, the buyer just needed more money than we were willing to pay for seller paid closing costs, so we finally rejected their offer. After about a month with only a few more showings and no offer, we decided we were tired of waiting; we were ready to move and start our new lives. We called Craig to see if he’d reach out to the investor who made the first offer on our home to see if they were still interested. He advised he had just closed another sale with that same investor and had made strong contacts with their Real Estate Agent and would be happy to reach out to them for us. He did and the investor was still interested. They made the same offer and we accepted it. Craig was able to get us a strong CASH offer and his efforts also got the buyer to pay all of the closing costs on our home sale; that is almost completely unheard of in today’s real estate market! We accepted our offer on December 10, 2014 and we SOLD our home on January 14, 2015. THAT’S JUST 34 DAYS FROM THE DAY WE WENT UNDER CONTRACT! We highly recommend Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team to anyone who is looking to sale their home. As you can see, he and his team will get the job done and get it done right! Bhrett & Lindsay Blankenship Dallas, GA For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.