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How to Sell a House in for the Highest Price

Posted by Craig Summers on September 19, 2011
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When you ask a new owner what had them decide to purchase that house in particular, one common answer you may hear is “The moment I stepped inside, I just knew this was the one.” Homes are bought and sold on emotions. In this article, we’ll go over three steps to help you create this reaction in people who see your house so you can see your house for the best possible price.
Step #1 – Repairs
In order to get a premium price for your house, it’s important that it looks for class. Buyers won’t pay top dollar for a shabby house.
Money spent in repairs is generally money well spent. You’re almost guaranteed to make recoup your investment many fold.
Make sure everything in the house works. Lighting, water, heating, etc. Clean all your appliances. Make sure the carpets are washed and the tiles are free of dirt and grime. Consider getting new countertops or lighting if your current setup isn’t attractive to buyers.
Step #2 – Staging
Staging is the art of making your house appealing to buyers.
The first step is to move everything you own out of the house. If you aren’t living in your new house yet, rent a small unit in a storage facility to put all your belongings temporarily.
Make sure the garden, kitchen and bathrooms are in tip top condition. Make sure the walls look great. Give it a fresh coat of paint if it looks old instead of new.
Place any furniture so that it highlights the feel of the room. Open curtains and turn on the lights to enhance the lighting feel of the room.
Once your entire house is cleaned inside and outside, proceed to step 3 …
Step #3 – Talk to a Professional
One of the great things about working with a real estate agent is that their services almost always pay for themselves. According to Consumer Reports, home sales that went through a real estate agent consistently fetched a higher price and sold faster than homes that were listed by the owner.
A real estate professional can look at your house and give you on the spot advice on how to stage your house in the best possible way. Your agent can help you ensure you get the best price for your house as quickly as possible.
If you’re not already working with an agent on selling your house for the best price possible, feel free to give me a call for a free consultation. I can be reached at 404 374 1620 or by email at

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