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I Got 5 Offers In 5 Days, Got $6K More Than My List Price, And SOLD My Home From Another State!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 11, 2018
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I moved out of state and was trying to get my home sold on my own when an investor recommended Craig Summers with Chapman Hall Realtors Paulding & Polk Team.  The investor put Craig in contact with me.  Craig told me that he felt he could get my home sold for much more than any investor would pay, if we did repairs.  Because I had moved out of state, I wasn’t able to arrange all of that.  Craig said not to worry, being an investor himself, he had all the contacts necessary to get my home market ready AND he would make all of the arrangements for me.

Craig did some market research and was kind enough to go to the home, without me there, to determine what we needed to do.  He called me back with the market sales data and a recommended sales price after repairs.  He even had an estimate of what it would cost for all the work that needed to be done.  Once we agreed on what to do, Craig went to work lining up contractors to get my home market ready.

After finishing the repairs, Craig came out and took pictures of the home and listed it.  When he sent me the pictures of the listing, I was absolutely blown away.  His contractors had done an amazing job transforming my home.  Within 5 days of listing the home, I had 5 offers at or above the list price.  I was so excited and Craig was a great guide through all the offer process, guiding me each step of the way.  We accepted an offer and were moving forward.

After the home inspection, the buyer’s agent sent over a small list of items that needed to be fixed.  Craig again guided me through the negotiation of these repairs.  Craig further helped by having his contractors take care of all the repairs for very quickly.  This was a HUGE help, since I was living out of state.

Craig was able to get me multiple offers OVER the list price, negotiate through the inspection repair request, and arrange to have the repairs done very quickly.  If you want someone who knows how to work to get YOUR home sold fast, effectively, and efficiently, guide you through negotiations, and help you get amazing repairs done, you MUST call Craig Summers with Chapman Hall Realtors Paulding & Polk Team!  Call him TODAY!

Carolyn Turner
Seattle, WA

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