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Monday Motivation: Are you ready for some football

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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At the beginning of the NFL football season every team has the same goal…win the Super Bowl. Leading up to the season there is countless hours, days, weeks, and months that go into planning, strategizing and putting together a winning formula. They don’t just show up on opening day and wing it. We all know what would happen if they did.
Life and sports have so much in common. When we start our year we really need to approach it just like a new season in football, with the goal of winning our Super Bowl. The definition of winning a Super Bowl may be different for everyone, but the steps it takes to give us the best chance at accomplishing our goals is the same. We need to plan, strategize and take the time to put together our winning formula before the new season starts…don’t just show up on opening day and wing it. If we do, we are going to get CRUSHED!!!!
In Business this means putting together a Business Plan…in Life it is putting together a Life Plan. It is about taking the time to put together a plan for all the areas of our F-5 (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance). So many of us wait until the New Year before we take time to even consider what we are going to do to Win. I am here to tell you if we wait until then, we are winging it and we are going to get CRUSHED.
One of the things we encourage everyone to do at Intero is to create their Business Plan in October…yes 3 months before the New Year. We know this will not only help them kick off the New Year on fire, but it will help them finish this year strong. For a copy of the Intero Business Plan click here. Even if you are not in real estate there may be some ideas you can take from it in creating your own plan.
Don’t wait until the end of the year and do what most other people do…don’t wing it. Don’t wait until the end of the game when you have to throw up the Hail Mary in desperation. If you wait until then it is pretty much hopeless.
As you put together your plan remember the following:
A play = your dayA touchdown drive = your weekA game = your monthA season = your yearA Super Bowl = your lifeTake the time to visualize your Super Bowl Winning Strategy. Then put together your plan for winning the Season (F5 Plans). Then set goals and strategies for each month. Then take those goals and strategies and put them in your calendar. Then show up every day and execute on every play (what your schedule tells you to do) with all of your effort and focus. Do this and you stand the best chance at winning a Super Bowl.

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