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Monday Motivation: Created Luck

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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“He is so lucky…everything always seems to go his way”. “We call her the golden girl…everything she touches turns to gold”. “If I only had a little of their luck, my life would sure be a lot better”. “They have such a great relationship…they are soul mates…they are so lucky”. That is how it appears from the outside looking in doesn’t it? It’s luck? But more times than not, it’s what I call “created luck”. What is “created luck” you ask? It is luck which comes to those who work extremely hard when you aren’t looking. They are the ones working at it… training…preparing…fine tuning their skills behind the scenes. All of their hard work and commitment helps improve their odds of being lucky. It’s simple…if you want to be lucky you have to work hard at it when no one is looking…fine tune your skills, and prepare yourself to take advantage of those opportunities to be lucky

Remember these 2 shots on the 16th hole at Augusta in the final round nearly 2 decades apart…Jack Nicklaus in the final round of his 1986 Masters victory…and Tiger Woods in the final round of his 2005 Masters victory? I would say this is a great example of “created luck”. I wonder how hard both Jack and Tiger work on their game. I wonder how discipline they are…what do you think? Come on…its just luck…right?

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