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Monday Motivation: Do You Want Success? REALLY? Do You Want It This Bad?

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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How bad do you want it?

Success…how bad do you really want it?

So many of us say we want to be successful, but we really don’t want it bad enough and that is why we don’t have it. We only kind of want success. We don’t want it as bad as we want to be cool. We don’t want it as bad as we want sleep. We don’t want it as bad as we want to hang with our friends. We don’t want it as bad as we want to play grab ass. Heck, we don’t want it as bad as we want to watch TV.

And that is why we struggle. You have to want it so bad that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Because until you get to the point where all you want to do is be successful and nothing else matters, success will elude you. It has to be an obsession. True Success comes with a TON of sacrifices…..don’t believe me? Ask my wife and kids how much I’ve worked to build this business! Like tonight as I write this, they are out to dinner and I’m working! This is not always the case, I did take my wife out Saturday night for her birthday! However, there are a lot of times when I have to sacrifice time with them so this business continues to grow to a point where we have reached our goals and others are running this business making sacrifices to be successful inside it!

Check out this video. Turn it up and listen to the words. Make sure you show this to your friends, your family, your kids and your grandkids. Help them to understand what it takes and the sacrifices required to be successful. Once you have helped them to understand, then you will understand.

We have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe!!! NOW GET OUT THERE AND SUCCEED!

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