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Monday Motivation: If you was CEO

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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If you where the President and CEO of your own company, would YOU pay YOU the kind of money YOU want to make for what YOU did last week?Would YOU pay YOU what YOU want to make for what YOU are going to do this week?

Everyone wants more…everyone wants a better life…everyone wants to get it faster. So, what is the difference between those who get what they want…better…faster versus those who don’t? They are in alignment. Their actions each and every day are in alignment with what they want. And those who don’t get what they want, better, faster are typically all talk…they are not in alignment. They say one thing, but do something completely different.

They want to make a lot of money, but work and act like someone who makes minimum wage.
They want to be fit and healthy, but don’t exercise and eat healthy.Not only do they not exercise much, but they don’t exercise at all…and not only do they not eat healthy, but they eat like crap. Fast food…grease…fat…no fruits and vegetables…smoke…drink… Talk about a train wreck waiting to happen.
They want to have a great relationship with their kids, but don’t ever spend quality time with them. When they are with them they are on the cell phone, computer, watching T.V., etc. Not talking and playing with them…not listening…not going for a bike ride. They tell them “we will do it tomorrow…next week…next month…next year”. Then,you wake up one day and they are gone…out of the house and…
They want to have a great relationship with their spouse, but never spend quality time with him or her. Sure they talk about their bills, the “stuff” they need to do, watch TV in the same room, etc. But they never actually go on a date and enjoy each other like they once did before the got married…before they had kids. Then before you know it, you don’t know each other anymore and…

It all starts at a very early age. If we wanted to get A’s in school and not C’s,we had to do the types of things people who get A’s do. Study our ass off…not wait until the last minute…be discipline and accountable in our study habits….we had to attend all of your classes and be fully engaged. If we wanted to start on the football team, drill team, chess team…we needed to do and act like a starter. Well, it does not stop once we graduate high school or college…if we want X, we need to start acting and doing the kinds of things someone who gets X does.

Do you want to know the trick to getting what you want…better…faster.Build a map, then write out detailed right/left directions on how to get where you want to go and then FOLLOW YOUR DIRECTIONS….that map is your plan and the directions is your schedule. Figure out what it is you need to do (specifically) to get what you want…better…faster. This is your map. Then take that list of stuff and plug it all into your schedule. Don’t just do it for a week or a month, but plug that “stuff” in your schedule for an entire year right up front. Then when you wake up, open your schedule and DO EXACTLY what it says…follow the directions. Don’t try a shortcut…remember you spent the time to figure out the detailed directions. The last thing you want to do is get lost trying to take a short cut. If you make your plan, write out directions, and then follow them NO MATTER WHAT…it will be like magic. Before you know it you will start getting what you want…better…faster.

So, to get more of what you want…better…faster. Start acting and doing the things of people who are getting what you want…better…faster.

Make it a GREAT week!!!

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