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Monday Motivation: Set A Deadline For Yourself

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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He’s a great guy. Everyone likes him. But he just never seems to get things done. He is always working and always has a bunch of projects going. But unless he gets pressed, nothing ever gets completed.

One of the keys to success is setting deadlines for ourselves. You will be amazed at how much more and how much faster we get things done when we have a deadline. Because, if we give ourselves an unlimited amount of time to do something, not only will we take it, but in many cases it never gets completed.

A perfect example is doing income taxes. April 15th is a hard deadline. Isn’t it interesting that most cannot seem to find the time to get their income taxes done until the 14th? Do you think if taxes where due on April 1st, we would get them done on time? Of course we would. If taxes where due on the 30th of April they would still get done on the 14th?

No way. They wouldn’t get done until the 29th. Why is that? Because there is a deadline and deadlines are critical. Most don’t like to commit to them, but for those who do, success comes.

So why is it so hard to commit to a deadline? I think it’s twofold. 1) We are afraid to box ourselves in. We would rather be wishy washy so we can procrastinate like we always have. That way we don’t feel the pressure. 2) We don’t want to disappoint people. Many times someone will ask for us to get something done in a time frame which may not be realistic. So, instead of being upfront and tell them it won’t get completed until a specific date later than their hope, we simply don’t commit to a deadline/date at all and just say, “I will work on getting it done”. Or, “I should be able to do it”. Or, “I will get right to work on it”.

Unfortunately when we do that, we may not disappoint them up front, but inevitably we frustrate them and ourselves in the long run…and we come off looking flaky. My advice is to just tell people up front what you can commit to and then do it.

They will respect you for it.

The same thing applies if you are someone who seems to work 24/7/365. The reason why is that’s how much time you give yourself to the get the job done. On the other hand, if you give yourself 8…10…12 hours a day, the most amazing thing happens…it all gets done. If you don’t give yourself a fixed amount of time, not only will it take much longer to get everything done, but the reality of it is, it typically just won’t get done at all.

Commit…commit…commit and make it a POWERFUL week!!!!

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