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Monday Motivation: The 20% Rule, LIVE BY IT!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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The same 20% of your garments are what you end up wearing 80% of the time…you eat the same 20% of the stuff in you kitchen 80% of the time…you get 80% of your results from 20% of your effort…and the scarier part is you get only 20% of your results from the other 80% of your effort. So, stop doing 80% of the things you are doing where you are not getting the results and do a lot more of the 20% where you are getting all of the results. Check out this math

· 80% results / 20% effort = 4
· 20% results / 80% effort = .25
· 4 / .25 = 16X
What this means is you are 16 times more efficient when you are in your 20% zone. That means that in a typical 8 hour work day you get 80% of your results from1.6 hours of work and 20% of your results out of the other 6.4 hours. If you could just stay in “the zone” for 30% of your day instead of 20% of your day, you could work 2.4 hours and go then go home…you would be getting 120% done of what you are doing today and work 5.6 hours less.

You just have to do more of what you’re already doing that works fantastically well…because most of what you do is a waste of time. So, you might as well stop most of what you do. You can put less energy in, yet get far better results, if you just concentrate on the things that produce fantastic results.

Of course, the math in 16X only applies if the relationship between energy and results is exactly 80/20. So it’s best to think of the 80/20 formula as only a rule of thumb. If the true ratio is 75/25, then you’ll “only” get 9 times better results from the top things you do. Sometimes the true ratio turns out to be 90/10, though, which gives you a massive 81 time’s better results.

The mechanics of 16X are more about stopping than starting to do more. The key is to create white space – in your schedule…in your mind…in your life as a whole. It’s about emptying your days of those things that don’t justify your time and effort because they give such a poor return. Most of the things you allow to take up space in your life are not important. They accumulated gradually over a period of years – certain work habits, leisure activities, relationships, stuff lying around your home and office, and a lot more that you could add to the list.

Just think – what would it be like if you scaled back to those things that truly count the most…that work the very best…that bring you the greatest joy, energy, and sense of fulfillment? How much more time, vitality, and peace would that bring? Then imagine taking some of this new white space you’ve created by uncluttering your life, and investing it in those things that count most, work best, and bring the greatest rewards. That’s your path to breakthrough results.

Here’s what you can do to stay in the zone longer:

· Get up 30 minutes earlier…don’t wake up in a crisis, or the rest of your day and life will be one big crisis. Quit hitting the snooze bar!!!!
· Health…you don’t have BIG BONES
· Diet (less than 2,000 to $2,500 calories everyday)
· Cardio for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week…INTENSE!!!!!!
· Take vitamins everyday – don’t get sick
· Drink a lot of water
· Don’t drink alcohol or smoke
· Sleep 7 hours a night
· Dress for success…clean up yourself…clean your car…clean your office…clean your house
· Review your affirmations everyday…day dream everyday…think everyday
· Create 10 tips to toughness
· Be focused while doing one thing and do it well…you will knock it out of the park. If you try and do everything…especially try and do everything all at once, you will not be good at it all.
· Do the things you like least first every day…then knock out all of the little things so your mind is clear.
· Have a good system for To Do’s and your Schedule…live by it.
· Create white space in your mind and your physical spaces…Purge 80% of everything at work, in your car, and at home.
· Speed up…walk 25% faster…it will carry over into everything you do. Speed is key…
· This is from the book New Work Habits for a Radically Changing World: Operate with a strong sense of urgency. Accelerate in all aspects of your work, even if it means living with a few more ragged edges. Emphasize action. Don’t bog down in endless preparation trying to get things perfect before you make a move. High Quality is crucial, but it must come quickly. You can’t sacrifice speed. Learn to fail fast, fix it, and race on. Seek radical breakthroughs – quantum leaps – rather than relying solely on incremental, step by step improvements.
· Go with your gut…don’t over think it…your first instinct is almost always right…if it feels right do it and do it with focus and intensity (Read the book Blink)
· Don’t play it safe…take risks…think different.
· Life is not a marathon…it is a series of sprints…then rest…sprint…then rest…sprint…then rest…
· Turn your dreams into a plan…turn your plan into a list…plug your list into your schedule…then do what your schedules says. If you ever wake up and actually have to think about what you need to do, you are dead.
· Have Fun, be Focused, be Intense, be Accountable, be Disciplined
· Fill at least two Garbage Bags every month from home and work…one for garbage and one to donate.
Motivation is from the mind, but commitment is from the heart and is much less fickle!!!

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