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On The Market 3 Days, 12 Showings, 8 Offers, & SOLD For More Than Appraised Value!

Posted by Craig Summers on June 24, 2019
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Life brought about some major changes for me and I was moving to a new area.  I knew it was time to sell my home and I knew just who to call, Craig Summers with The Paulding & Polk Team.  Craig helped me buy the home 6 years ago and we’d stayed connected in several ways over the years.  He did such an amazing job with the purchase, I knew he’d do the same with the sale.

After telling Craig it was time to sell, we set up a time for him to come out and look over the house as well as tell me what price we could sell the home.  He came over and walked through the entire home and yard, going over things I should fix, change, and/or update.  All of the things he recommended were small things. 

In the same meeting, Craig shared with me the market data he’d researched.  He advised me what the most recent sales prices were and what the homes currently on the market were listed for and told me what price he thought we should list the home for, after the repairs were completed.  With that information, I took the suggestions and fixed, changed, or updated the items Craig recommended. 

After finishing the minor repairs, Craig came out and took pictures of the home and listed it the same day.  Within 3 days of listing the home, we had 12 Showings and 8 Offers at or above the list price.  I was so excited and Craig was a great guide through the offer process, guiding me each step of the way.  I accepted an offer and we were moving forward.  We did have one small hiccup, when the home was appraised, the appraisal came in lower than the agreed upon purchase price.  Craig and I had a long conversation about this and we came up with a plan.  Craig put that plan into action and got the seller to agree to pay, just slightly more than the appraised value.    

Craig was able to get me 12 Showings and 8 Offers on the home, and help me get it SOLD for more than the appraised value.  Craig has been a great agent and become a friend of my family and has successfully helped us in multiple real estate transactions!  If you want someone who knows how to work to get YOUR home sold fast, effectively, and efficiently, Craig Summers with The Paulding & Polk Team is THE Real Estate Agent YOU need!  Call him TODAY! 

Andrew May
Smiths Station, AL