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Our Home Got 3 Offers And SOLD in 17 Short Days On The Market!

Posted by Craig Summers on August 26, 2014
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We spoke with a friend of ours about selling our home. She said she would pass our contact information to Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team. Within a day, Craig called us. We told him we needed to do some repairs before we’d be ready to sell. He said he understood, but said he’d be happy to come and take a look at what we thought we needed to repair in order to sell. He told us we might be surprised that we didn’t need to repair some things to sell, but he’d definitely be able to show us what we did need to repair to sell. We thought this was a great idea and set up a time to meet.

Craig was great; he showed up and had his full listing presentation prepared; but before he went over that, he asked us to show him around the home and point out the items we thought needed repair. We did. And after discussing these items, we had our repair list set. Craig then asked if we wanted to know what he felt our home would be worth once the repairs were complete. We did and he went straight to the market data he used to determine what he felt would be the best price for our home. After he showed us the market data, we discussed what he felt we should list our home for after our repairs. From there, Craig showed us all of the marketing the Paulding & Polk Team would do to sell our home. It was an impressive marketing plan, so we decided to get our repair list completed and list our home with his team.

Craig was very patient with us as we worked to complete our repair list around John’s demanding work schedule. He followed up with us regularly to see how repairs were coming and continued to tell us he’d be ready to list our home when we were ready.

We finally finished our repair list and advised Craig we were ready to list our home. When he came over, we asked if we could list for slightly more than his recommended price and he said yes. He was upfront and honest about the price, advising he was not confident our home would appraise for our full list price, but he agreed to list the home for our price.

We listed our home with Craig on Saturday May 31, 2014. We immediately began to have showings and on Tuesday June 3, 2014, we received the first offer. Unfortunately after a few days of negotiation, the buyer decided not to purchase our home. Craig said not to worry, we’d had additional showings and he felt confident he could get us another offer. He did; on Tuesday June 10, 2014, we received the second offer. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to an agreement with the buyer on the second offer. Craig again told us not to worry. He assured us that we had a hot property and would get another offer. We did; on Monday June 16, 2014, we received the third offer and this time we and the buyer agreed on the terms. We couldn’t believe it! Craig was able to get our full list price offer for our home.

The buyer did a home inspection and found some minor issues, which we agreed to repair, and one major issue for which we agreed to give the money, via an escrow account, to the buyer to fix when we closed. We were moving forward, but then the worst thing happened. As Craig stated, our home did not appraise for the full list price; in fact, it appraised for lower than Craig thought it would. Craig was very comforting. He suggested that we simply needed to renegotiate with the buyer and see if would could again come to terms. After some intense negotiations, Craig was able to get the buyer to agree to pay more than the list price for our home and dramatically reduce the amount of closing cost we needed to pay. That was a true blessing to our family; we were still going to be able to sell our home!

Craig’s amazing marketing plan got us 3 offers in just 17 short days on the market! His ability to negotiate got us an acceptable sales price and still allowed us to walk away from closing with a little money to use for a down payment on our new home. We recommend anyone who wants to sell their home use Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team! We don’t feel you’ll find a more honest, compassionate, and talented agent!

John & Amanda Dunn
Douglasville, GA

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