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Patience & Perseverance Got Our Home SOLD!

Posted by Craig Summers on October 6, 2014
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We spoke with our former neighbors who had recently sold their home with a Real Estate agent. They highly recommended we use their agent, Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team. She gave us his number and we called him. We told him we had moved out and had renters in the home, but they would be out soon as they bought a home. He asked if he could get inside to have a look around to see if there were any issues that would need repair so we could address those before marketing the home for sale. We got him in and he gave us a small list of things we should do in order to get top dollar for our home. When we asked Craig if he had folks that could take care of the listed items, he supplied us with contacts for all items.

We took care of the small list of recommendations from Craig and set up a time to meet with him to go over the details of our home sale. Craig was wonderful; he showed up and advised he had his full listing presentation prepared, but he gave us the choice of seeing that first or if we wanted to know what he felt our home would be worth, now that the repairs were complete. We decided to find out what our home was worth before looking at the marketing information. Craig went straight to the market data he used to determine what he felt would be the best price for our home and then asked us if we felt that was what we’d like to list it for. We agreed on a list price and then Craig showed us all of the marketing the Paulding & Polk Team would do to sell our home. We agreed; Craig and the Paulding & Polk Team were right for the job.

We listed our home with Craig and the Paulding & Polk Team. Unfortunately shortly after that, the market slowed down drastically. Craig said not to worry; he felt confident he could still get our home sold. Craig followed up with us regularly to advise what was going on with the market and check to see how we felt about the updated data and our home’s list price. After several conversations, we agreed with Craig that the market had changed and we should reduce the list price. This process happened two more times before we received a solid offer on our home. We know Craig and the Paulding & Polk Team did their absolute best to avoid the price reductions because he was in constant contact with us with updated market data.

Once we received our offer, Craig was a great negotiator. He was able to get some changes to the offer accepted by the buyer. After the offer, the buyer did a home inspection and found some minor issues, which we agreed to repair. At our request, Craig again gave us the name and number of someone to have the repairs completed. It was great to have someone who had the ability to handle our sale and recommend quality contractors to complete necessary repairs to our home!

Craig’s amazing communication and contacts got our home repaired and sold for an acceptable sales price. We recommend anyone who wants to sell their home use Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team! We don’t feel you’ll find a more capable agent!

Eddie & Robyn Gutierrez
Dallas, GA

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