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Paulding County Homes: 2017=Humble Pie

Posted by Craig Summers on December 26, 2016
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For the sake of this story we’ll call our top producing agent, Yogi Bear. Yogi is not only a great producer who steals a lot of the picnic baskets in the park, but Yogi is a great person with a great family and a great life. Yogi has been totally knocking the cover off the ball over the last year couple of years. In 2016 Yogi stole nearly 100 picnic baskets in the park….wait…I mean sold nearly 100 properties…that’s a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.!!!!! All good, right?

Well…Yogi was a bit bummed because recently some of the other bears/agents have been acting a bit different toward him. Talking behind his back…perhaps even a little trash talking about his tactics in getting all those picnic baskets. My guess is mostly the stuff they say helps them justify why Yogi is so much more successful at getting picnic baskets than they are.

So Yogi asked Booboo how he should handle it. Booboo told Yogi he needed to become hyper humble…be SUPER-DUPER humble. Because the more successful you become the more humble you need to be. Don’t take credit for your success….give the credit to those that have helped you achieve it. When someone tells you how great you are, say “Thank you. I have worked hard but I have been surrounded by some extremely amazing people who have helped me and certainly I have been a bit lucky and a lot blessed”. Then just shut up. That’s it. Don’t go bragging about how many picnic baskets you have in the pipeline and that this is going to be a peanut butter and jelly mecca kind of a year. It’s even more important that you do that with people who don’t have what you have…those less successful than you. Because you may think you are inspiring them but what you are doing is making them think you are arrogant when you aren’t humble.

So…if you are fortunate enough to be crushing it at anything in life, learn to be humble and give credit to those who’ve helped you. It will make you more attractive and in the end it will actually help you become even more successful.

So as we head into 2017, let’s all remember to fill our picnic baskets with humble pies. Then keep crushing it!!!!

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