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Paulding County Homes: Buy Now During Slow Selling Months!

Posted by Craig Summers on September 9, 2017
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Paulding County Home selling chances have slowed! It’s September, folks have gotten their kids back in school and are doing sporting activities.  Folks are also beginning to think about the upcoming Holidays, their minds aren’t on home buying.  If you want to be smart, you’ll be out looking for homes while most folks are focused on other things.  Even though, Paulding County Home sales are still absolutely UNBELIEVABLE, you can find an REMARKABLE HOME!  You’ll need professional help to do it and you’ll have to act fast when a great home hits the market.

The below is the September 2017 market absorption rate of Paulding County homes priced between $100,000 to $125,000.

Current number of homes on the market 20
Number of homes that failed to sell in the past 12 months 67
Number of homes that Sold in past 12 months 352
Total number of homes sold per month 29.33
Total Months worth of Inventory 0.7
Current number of homes on the market 20
Number of new inventory for this period 5
Total Inventory 25
Number of Homes that will sell 88 352.0%
Number of Homes that will not sell -63 -252.0%

Average Sold Price during the last 12 months                             _$114,243

% of Homes Months Days on
Month that will sell of Inventory Market
September 2016 170.60% 1.4 50
October 2016 169.40% 1.4 49
November 2016 163.60% 1.5 48
December 2016 173.60% 1.4 53
January 2017 226.70% 1.1 54
February 2017 316.20% 0.8 52
March 2017 324.00% 0.7 51
April 2017 432.20% 0.6 48
May 2017 461.20% 0.5 47
June 2017 380.00% 0.6 46
July 2017 404.40% 0.6 45
August 2017 365.00% 0.7 44
September 2017 352.00% 0.7 42

Even though we’re in the slower selling months, it’s worth noting demand and competition for Paulding County Homes is ASTONISHINGLY HIGH!  Move in ready homes and homes in decent shape are selling OUTSTANDINGLY well.   NOT TO WORRY, we help buyers, just like you, every day and can increase your chances of getting the home you love.


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