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Paulding County Homes: Don’t Miss The BEST Months To Sell!

Posted by Craig Summers on February 3, 2017
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Everyone thinks “Summer is the best time to sell a home.”  That’s JUST WRONG and the below data proves it!  The Winter months are the best time to sell, BUT numbers stay strong into the spring.  The best chances to sell happen in January & February, so we may have peaked in February.  However; March through May still have extremely high chances as well.  Get your home ready and on the market in order to take advantage of the higher sales chances in coming months.

The Paulding County home selling statistics listed below are from February 2017 Market Absorption Rate for Paulding County homes priced between $100,000 and $125,000.

Current number of homes on the market 26
Number of homes that failed to sell in the past 12 months 90
Number of homes that Sold in past 12 months 411
Total number of homes sold per month 34.25
Total Months worth of Inventory 0.8
Current number of homes on the market 26
Number of new inventory for this period 6.5
Total Inventory 32.5
Number of Homes that will sell 102.75 316.2%
Number of Homes that will not sell -70.25 -216.2%

Average Sold Price during the last 12 months                             _$114,217_

% of Homes Months Days on
Month that will sell of Inventory Market
February 2016 492.90% 0.5 57
March 2016 382.70% 0.6 58
April 2016 311.40% 0.8 58
May 2016 255.30% 0.9 57
June 2016 181.30% 1.3 55
July 2016 304.30% 0.8 54
August 2016 167.20% 1.4 53
September 2016 170.60% 1.4 50
October 2016 169.40% 1.4 49
November 2016 163.60% 1.5 48
December 2016 173.60% 1.4 53
January 2017 226.70% 1.1 54
February 2017 316.20% 0.8 52


The statistics show that Paulding County homes have had over 100% chance of selling for the past year, over 200% in a lot of months.  You can also see that February 2016 had the absolute highest percentage, but March, April, & May are EXTREMELY STRONG AS WELL!.  I’m predicting the same for 2017!  In order to sell in these strong selling months, you need to get your home on the market NOW!  DON’T WAIT any longer, the chances of selling will decrease each month and may not pick back up in July like they did last year.


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