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Paulding County Homes: Drastic Action

Posted by Craig Summers on March 13, 2017
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Aron Ralston was trapped. While climbing alone in a narrow canyon in Utah, he became hopelessly stuck when an 800 pound boulder shifted and pinned his right arm. Stuck in a 3 foot wide slot, he tried for days to get free, but nothing worked.

Finally, after three days of being trapped without food or water, he realized he’d die if he didn’t take drastic action. Aron’s only option was to cut off his arm to save his life. Yes, that’s right; he cut off his arm, in the middle of nowhere, by himself, with a dull pocket knife – to live. It took him two days. When he finally free himself, he crawled through a narrow, twisting canyon, rappelled down a 60-foot cliff, and hiked six miles before he finally stumbled across help. All this with his forearm gone, the stump bleeding.

“I’m not sure how I handled it,” he said. “I felt pain and I coped with it. I moved on.” He knew there was no other way to live.

While most of our choices aren’t nearly that drastic, I couldn’t help wondering what we are willing to sacrifice to live, to achieve our goals, to accomplish our dreams. Because when times get tough and we’re stuck, we have choices. Keep what we’ve got, keep doing what we are doing and die, or take “drastic action” and sever what’s holding us back and live. It could be a destructive relationship, it could be a failing business, it could be unhealthy living or it could be addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, money, power, etc. that control our life.

Drastic changes? Yes, that is what is needed. There comes a time when that’s the only way out, and we’re the only one who can set ourselves free. Is life worth it? Ask Aron.

Make it a powerful week, make the necessary changes and live!!!!!