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Paulding County Homes: Fixing A Leaking PVC Shower Drain

Posted by Craig Summers on December 5, 2016
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I’ve been living in my current personal home for a little over 3 years now and as I’m sure all of our clients have discovered, there are always things that happen at your home that will need repaired. I personally used this video when my master bathroom shower started leaking.

I did do something a little different than what is shown in the video. My drain had a broken rubber gasket under the shower floor, so I had to go find one at a hardware store to replace it. I believe my drain was leaking because that seal had broken.

I also did not use the flex seal, Nor did I use silicon around the drain. I do not recommend you do that either. My personal opinion is if you do that, you could be temporarily stoping the leak, but it will come back. Not only that, but I believe it will make removing the drain much more difficult if you do have to remove it again. Plumber’s putty is made to stop the water and should be suffient to do the job.

Other than those two things, I did the same thing shown in this video. I hope it helps some of you!

How to Repair Shower stall drain leaking through ceiling below …

TIME One day COMPLEXITY Moderate PROJECT COST Less than $30.00. See More…

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