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Paulding County Homes: Foreclosure Stopped, Short Sale Completed, And We Can Move On With Our Lives!

Posted by Craig Summers on March 11, 2017
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We moved out of state and rented our Georgia home.  This worked well for a time, but then the tenant began having trouble paying the rent.  We could no longer make the payments without the rent being paid.  Our good friend and property manager was able to do some research and find Craig Summers of The Paulding & Polk Team.  Craig informed us we were facing a foreclosure situation on our former residence and that if we’d like he and The Paulding & Polk Team would work to get the foreclosure stopped in order to complete a short sale. We agreed.  They went straight to work and got the lender to agree to stop the foreclosure and allow the short sale process to begin.

Craig Summers and The Paulding & Polk Team put our home on the market and we got a full price offer JUST 4 DAYS LATER.  They worked diligently to get the offer accepted.  Even though the lender wanted more than the offered price, Craig Summers and The Paulding & Polk Team never gave up.  They worked with the buyer and the lender to finally come to an acceptable offer for both.

Craig Summers and The Paulding & Polk Team were outstanding and their attention to detail was amazing!  They helped us stop the foreclosure and complete the short sale. Their ability to take as much stress as possible out of our home sale was nothing less than remarkable!  Craig helped us sell our home and move on with our lives.  We highly recommend Craig and The Paulding & Polk Team to anyone who is looking to sale their home; we feel his team will get the job done and get it done right for you just as he did for us!

Oscar Redd, Jr.
Claudia Redd
McKinney, TX

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