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Paulding County Homes: Freedom and Success, They Require Accountability and Discipline

Posted by Craig Summers on May 2, 2017
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Money, work, health, your weight, your life – everything expands to meet the resources available.  Have you ever noticed how that works?  It’s easy to give you examples, because it happens to all of us every day:

It is April 15th tax day, how is it that we get our taxes done and delivered to the Post Office that evening just before they close?  Was there no time available in the three and a half months prior?  It’s all because we have a deadline.

Have you ever noticed that so many of us diet, lose weight, and eventually gain the weight back?  Next time you lose weight try cleaning out your closet, purging all the clothes that are too big, giving you no easy way to expand back into them.  Removing the easy option makes it hard to go back to your old ways, and gives you a defined line in which to not cross.

Why is it no matter how much money we make it never seems to be enough?  Our expenses are expanding to meet our incomes.  Watch out for this situation, it’s a dangerous place to be.

Isn’t the final two minutes of a football game the most exciting? Often teams that struggled to make a touchdown the entire game come through to score during the final moments?  They have a deadline that defines the game, they either will win or lose – they have no options.

No matter where we are in life, we always feel like we don’t have enough time – in high school, then in college, as we start our career, after we get married, and especially after we have kids.  Not only are we able to accomplish more and more during each stage in life, but when we reflect back, we wonder what we did with all the free time we had in the previous stage of our life. The time you take to accomplish anything in life will expand or reduce to meet the amount of time you give it.

The lesson is, with deadlines we are forced into action. There is no more time for procrastination and you just do it because you have to. Somehow we all need to figure out a way to create our own self imposed deadlines, getting us ahead early in the game as opposed to the last two minutes. What has worked for me is to create mini deadlines on my goals and then share those deadlines with someone I know will hold me to them. This is accountability. Granted, it adds uncomfortable pressure to our lives. Yet the reality is, if you want to have freedom and success you need to have accountability and discipline. They go hand in hand.

Make it a GREAT week.

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