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Paulding County Homes: How to Put A Ceiling Fan and A Light on Separate Switches

Posted by Craig Summers on January 24, 2017
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*****FIRST, TURN OFF THE POWER*****  Come on folks, be safe!  Don’t think you are tough and can take the bite, just turn it off!!!!

I did this in my first home to run the fans without pulling the cords all the time.  When I added a couple of bedrooms to my second home, I didn’t specify to the electrician to run the light and fan on separate switches, so I’ll be doing this one again very soon.  Hope it helps some of you who have older homes that were not wired with double switches.

NOTE: This is the shortest video I could find that had the correct amount of detail and listed all the tools used in there comments.  If this video isn’t the right fit for you, they have several others on the subject that are much longer and more detailed….check them out.

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