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Paulding County Homes: It’s Terminal

Posted by Craig Summers on January 10, 2017
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“It’s terminal” — 2 of the scariest words we could hear about ourselves or someone we care about.

Yet “it’s terminal” is exactly the 2 words which describe the fate of each and every one of us. No, it hopefully will not be today – next week – next month – next year. Hopefully not for several decades, but let’s face it, all of us have a “terminal illness” and it is called mortality. Our days on this planet are indeed numbered.

So, the question is, knowing this, are you spending as much time as humanly possible with those who are truly most important? Are you making a difference in the world? Are you going to have regrets for the way you have lived your life? It’s funny how it does not hit us until we hear those 2 frightening words. But let’s face it, as scary is it is, it could be anyone of us tomorrow.

Sit back and think about this for a minute. If you have years or decades to live, if a doctor could tell you the exact day and time you were going to pass, would you start living your life differently today? I think so. It’s because we don’t have that definite date and time that we continue to say “I will do it tomorrow”. “I will go see them next week”. “I will do it when I retire. “We think it goes on forever, but it doesn’t.

We all get caught up trying to get ahead in life. Measuring our success by how much money we make. By our belongings. By our power. But let’s face it, what really matters most is our relationships with those most important to us – our family and our friends. It is the difference we are making in people’s lives.

So my challenge to myself and everyone who receives this is to find the power to take time and reflect on our/your life. What it is you are doing and re-prioritize to really make sure those people and things most important in life are on the top of the list. Those people and things which when we finally realize it’s terminal we have no regrets for the way we lived our lives.

We only get one shot at this life. There are no second chances. Don’t waste it on things that don’t really matter!!

Make it a GREAT week!!!!!

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