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Paulding County Homes: It’s Time to Change or Die!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 2, 2017
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What if a well-informed, trusted authority figure said you had to make difficult and enduring changes in the way you think and act? If you didn’t, you would die soon…a lot sooner than you had to. Could you change when change really mattered?

Yes, you say?

Try again…you wouldn’t change.

Don’t believe it…you want the odds? They are 9 to 1 against you.

Do you realize a SMALL percentage of the population consumes the VAST majority of the health care budget for diseases that are very well known and by in large behavioral? That is, we are sick because of how we choose to live our lives, not because of any environmental or genetic factors beyond our control. They say it could be as much as 80% of our health care budget is consumed by these behavioral issues…smoking, eating, drinking, stress and lack of exercise.

Could it be the same way in other areas of our life? If other areas in our life are sick, could it be in large part due to behavioral issues that are in our control as opposed to conditions that are outside our control?

You want some more proof of the challenge we all face in change? There was a study done back in 1995 of people who went through open heart surgery. Of those studied, within 2 years from surgery 90% went right back to their old unhealthy lifestyle. So, if the fear of DEATH doesn’t initiate change…What Will? More importantly how do we get our stubborn brain to stop resisting change so tenaciously. Why do we fight change even when we KNOW if we don’t make changes it will kill us?

Well, knowing that motivating people with the fear of death wasn’t the right approach because 90% went right back to where they were before, they tried a different approach. They changed their focus…have any idea to what? The joy of LIVING.

They took 300 patients and put a 100% daily effort into focusing their minds on all the daily things that make life great…and coached them on their mindset, their attitude, their daily habits, and surrounded them continually with the RIGHT influences. It was this change of focus…taking away the fear of death and inputting the joy of living, that allowed 77% of the patients to sustain the lifestyle changes necessary to extend their lives.

What changes do you need to make? Where is your focus…in fear or in joy? Which one will extend your life?

Make it a great week!

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