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Paulding County Homes: Landlords—they’re just like us!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 13, 2017
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Just went through a difficult situation with a tenant who didn’t understand Number 5 in the below article. When I saw this I decided I would add it to my post so other folks would know that landlords are not bad, they are simply trying to do their job (managing you and the home), maintain the property, and make a VERY little bit of money for doing it.

Folks, understand your landlord is responsible for the home you live in, even if they just manage it for someone else. They MUST meet the owner’s standards of upkeep to the home……SO MUST YOU! You must keep the home in the same condition as the day you moved in, other than “normal wear and tear.” Regardless of what you think or what professionals you call in may think, the landlord has the right to repair things “beyond normal wear and tear” and bill you for the repairs. If you don’t pay, it’s just like you not paying your rent. They can evict you and legally pursue the money, even garnish your wages for the repair amount plus any court costs.

Again, refer to number 6….answer the calls or texts and when you do SHUT UP & LISTEN. I’m always willing to work with tenants to work something out between them and the property owner…..that’s what I get paid to do. The tenant I was dealing with actually didn’t respond to the texts, but always called back. The problem we had was the tenant continued to cut me off and not allow me to finish and/or work with me. The tenant simply wasn’t willing to listen so that I could offer to work something out. We did finally work it out, but it could have been so much less painful.

7 Things Your Landlord Wishes You Knew |®

Sure, landlords call the shots on your living situation right now. But they’re not the terrifying, all-powerful beings some tenants make them out to be.

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