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Paulding County Homes: Ponds vs. River – What Type of Water are You?

Posted by Craig Summers on October 2, 2017
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Do you know what percent of our body is water? We BEGIN life as a fetus at 99%. When we are born, it drops to about 90%. Then the average human body settles in around 70%. So, from a simple physical perspective, we are all made up for the most part of water! Let me ask you a simple question – if you had a choice to drink from a body of water, which would you prefer – a river or a pond? Why?

Water in a river remains pure because it is moving, and it is generally agreed that the quicker it is moving, the more pure it is. When water is stagnating, trapped, or immobile, what happens? It collects a lot of junk and becomes polluted. Right?

So, what is the message we all can learn from water?

That it is critical for us to continue moving fast and forward if we are interested in improving. Otherwise we could be in danger of becoming idle, polluted, and turn into junk. It is interesting to note that as children, we are expected to grow and improve every year mentally, physically and emotionally. That is why we have different grades in school. And each year you must improve to continue on.

Then we graduate and what happens? Most people’s growth process stops or slows down drastically. And the unfortunate thing is when we stop growing, we don’t stay the same. We actually start to move backwards year after year. What are you doing to improve every year mentally, physically and emotionally? Are you reacting to life or are you attacking and taking from it?

Let’s all make a commitment to keep in action, keep moving, changing, flowing – mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is going to help purify who we are. Let’s choose to not turn into junk. Let’s choose to continue to become more pure!

Side Note:

Be sure and drink lots of water since 70% of our body is made up of it and we don’t want it just sitting in our bodies stagnant like a dirty pond – purge the old and replenish with new fresh clean water every day.

Make it a Great Week!

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