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Paulding County Homes: The 4 Addictions

Posted by Craig Summers on October 9, 2017
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Did you know there are four addictions which stop us from living an extraordinary life?

  1. Our addiction to the opinions of other people
  2. Our addiction to the past
  3. Our addiction to food
  4. Our addiction to drugs and alcohol

The real interesting thing is our addiction to the past, our addiction to food, and our addiction to drugs & alcohol are all caused because of our addiction to the opinions of others. So, the key to having an extraordinary life is simply eliminating our addiction to the opinions of others. It’s what holds us back from really going for it. Because when we are addicted to the opinion of others we are afraid of failure and making a fool of ourselves, which in turn stops us from taking risks and doing the things necessary in order to have the AMAZING life we want. So,Who cares what they think? Go for it!

To beat this addiction I tell myself over and over every day “What you think of me is none of my business.” That way I am not holding back and worrying about it. The more we tell ourselves this, the less we will be held captive by the four addictions which stop us from having the AMAZING life we deserve.

Forget what other people think – it is none of our business. Go for it and have an EXTRAORDINARY life!

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