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Paulding County Homes: The Axe vs. the Sledgehammer

Posted by Craig Summers on April 24, 2017
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Whack, whack, goes the dull axe against the tree making dents instead of deep, sharp, cuts.

In life how often do we experience this?  Instead of taking the time to slow down and sharpen our axe so we can be more productive, we find ourselves in a hurry to get things done by pounding away at our problems and tasks with a dull blade yielding the same result as the solid surface of a sledgehammer – dents not cuts.

If we would just take the time to slow down and sharpen our axe, not only would our trees get chopped down faster, but it would require a whole lot less effort.  And in the end, we would actually get more trees chopped down and have more time to spend in the other areas of our life that we are neglecting. Sometimes we get so consumed with getting stuff done that we don’t slow down long enough to educate ourselves and evaluate what we can do to be more efficient and effective.  This applies to everything in life – business, finances, relationships, faith, health, etc.

So my advice is take the time to sharpen your axe, your skills, and your mind.  Continuously learn, grow and try new things. Ultimately it will make your life easier and you will become more productive at a quicker pace. And remember a sharp axe cuts through a tree swiftly and with ease, as opposed to a sledgehammer which only makes a dent.

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