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Paulding County Homes: Top Dog

Posted by Craig Summers on May 29, 2017
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I can’t wait for the weekend! Only two day’s left.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Why can’t weekends be more than just two days.

Finally it’s time to go home and have a cocktail.

Every week I see posts like this on my Facebook and Twitter streams. Sorry if you are one of them, but…

I wonder if Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison or Meg Whitman or the Top Dog at your organization thinks like that. NO WAY!!! They are so fired up and have so much passion for what they do that their weeks fly by. They absolutely LOVE it. It is literally oozing out of them. They think about it 24/7.  And that is why they are the Top Dog.  Look, they don’t have superpowers.  They sleep, they eat and they walk just like you and I.  They just have more PASSION for what they do. It’s not their job, it is their passion.  Now before you go rolling your eyes and say “yeah but they are the boss and they should be fired up, I would be fired up and passionate too if I where the boss,” remember they didn’t just wake up one day and become the Top Dog.  They started like everyone, at the bottom of the food chain.  They didn’t just graduate college and start out the Top Dog.  So how did they get to the top?  It is simple, they cared, they worked hard and they had more passion and love for what they did than everyone else around them.

I know what some of you are saying, “there really is not anywhere for me to go up from here.”  I have a story to tell you.  On a recent business trip I noticed there were a few baggage guys at the curb checking bags in, one of them stood out from the crowd.  He was laughing and joking with people (making them smile and feel good) while the other guys stood in the back with their arms crossed.  Who do you think makes the most in tips? The guy laughing and joking around with people and creating a good experience for people or the guys in the back with their arms crossed?  Yep – the guy with the passion and enthusiasm.  I will bet he makes ten times as much as the other guys in tips.  He is the Top Dog at the curbside baggage check.  Not only does he make more money, but he has more fun and I will bet he has a better life.  I also bet when there’s an opportunity for a promotion, he will be next in line to get it.

Bottom line is it does not matter what you do – flip burgers, check bags, sell widgets, assemble cars, or make computer chips. If you have passion for it and don’t just treat it like your job you can be a Top Dog.

Find the passion and become the TOP DOG!!!!

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