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Paulding County Homes: We Got 5 Offers In 5 Days, Got More Than Our List Price, And SOLD Our Home In Just 5 Weeks From Listing To Closing!

Posted by Craig Summers on April 8, 2017
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We had enough of renting our previous home!  The only reason we rented it was because the market sales prices were down when we were ready to move to our new home.  We reached out to Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team, because he was an old family friend and he’d helped David’s brother and sister-in-law sell their home, very effectively and efficiently.  When we spoke, Craig said the values had come up since we’d been renting the home and he felt we could make a profit. He advised us he’d do some research and come out to tell us for what price he thought he could sell our home.

Because of our busy schedules, Craig was kind enough to go to the home, without us there.  He walked through the entire home, taking many pictures.  He then emailed us pictures along with a small list of items he recommended repairing before we put the home on the market.  We took the suggestions and fixed the items Craig recommended.

In the same email, Craig sent us the market data he’d researched.  He advised us what the most recent sales prices were and what the homes currently on the market were listed for and told us what price he thought we should list the home for, after the repairs were completed.

After finishing the minor repairs, Craig came out and took pictures of the home and listed it the same day.  Within 5 days of listing the home, we had 5 offers at or above the list price.  We were so excited and Craig was a great guide through all the offer process, guiding us each step of the way.  We accepted an offer and were moving forward.

After the home inspection, the buyer’s agent sent over another small list of items that needed to be fixed.  Craig again guided us through the negotiation of these repairs and got the buyer to remove some things so we could agree to the majority of the requested repairs.  Craig further helped us by recommending someone who would knock out all of the repairs for us very quickly and at a very reasonable price.  This was a HUGE help due again to our busy schedules.  He even made arrangements to get the contractor inside and get the work completed.

Craig was able to get us multiple offers OVER the list price, negotiate through the inspection repair request to get a reasonable repair list, and arrange to have the repairs done very quickly and at a very reasonable price.  Craig has been a family friend for over 25 years and has helped multiple members of our family sell homes very successfully!  If you want someone who knows how to work to get YOUR home sold fast, effectively, and efficiently, Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team is THE Real Estate Agent YOU need!  Call him TODAY!

David & Beth Parker
Woodstock, GA

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