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Real Estate Agent Craig Summers Addresses Whether Home Staging Really Sells Homes

Posted by Craig Summers on July 19, 2013
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Real Estate Agent Craig Summers Addresses Whether Home Staging Really Sells Homes

Most people these days have at least heard the term “home staging”. This is where you set up your home in such a way that maximizes the space and gives people a good feeling about the layout. It’s important when selling your home to put your best foot forward, and home staging is the way to accomplish this. However, if you don’t have the money to hire a professional GA home stager to assess your home, and then take some of these tips into consideration.

· Clutter: The very first thing you should do is go around your home and get rid of any clutter. This includes taking all the things off of your refrigerator and countertops. By having a lot of things stuck to refrigerator or on your counter, it takes away from the space and makes everything seem smaller. Remember that you’re going for a streamlined look and cleanliness makes everything look larger.

· Stand in the road: Take a look at your house from the perspective of potential buyers. Look your curb appeal and decide what needs to be trimmed, painted or even removed from your front yard to make the home look more inviting.

· Clean: This might seem like the simplest of all tasks, but you need to work on cleaning your house like it’s brand-new. When people walk in, they need to feel like they’re getting a new house and not moving into someone else’s mess. No one wants to move in to a house and live with someone else’s dirt and dust.

· Turn on the lights: Open your window shades and turn on all your lights when showing your home because more light means more space. People get the feeling of a bigger space when there’s more light.

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